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Jeremy Davidson

Dr. Energy Saver by Monroe Restoration

Title: Owner

Jeremy Davidson from Dr. Energy Saver by Monroe Restoration

When Jeremy Davidson first joined Monroe Restoration, the company couldn't afford to pay him - but he took the job anyway. He had seen too many homes destroyed by tornadoes, floods and fires, so he was willing to take a personal risk helping people get their lives back together after disaster. It didn’t take long for Jeremy to realize that he wanted to run the company himself.

He saved enough money to buy out the owner and took over as CEO in 2003. In the last ten years, Monroe has grown from a three-person operation to 27 employees across two locations. At that kind of scale, we can help a lot of people.

Jeremy looks forward to the company’s continued growth and ability to assist homeowners not only in restoring homes but also making them more energy efficient.

from customers I've helped!
  • "Your team was very professional and efficient, we are truely blessed." Read Full Testimonial

    Todd B. of Granger, IN

    Customer Testimonial

              We learned a lot about our home and why it was so drafty. The work that you did in the attic was awsome, we feld the difference right away. I'm sure our heating bills will be much lower this winter. Who would of thought that air sealing and insulating our attic would make such a difference!! Thank you very much!
    Todd B.
    Granger, IN
  • "Dr Energy Saver fixed our ice damms. They really know what they're doing when it comes to solving issues..." Read Full Testimonial

    Steve J. of South Bend, IN

    Customer Testimonial

              I had Dr Energy Saver come out to my home to look at the ice damming. The ice was creating such damage and they knew how to fix the root problem, not just a bandaid. The crew members were so pleasant, they got the job done in one day. We are so happy, we could feel a difference right away and the icicles are gone.
    Steve J.
    South Bend, IN
  • "We had a very cold room, I actually had to wear gloves when I worked on the computer. Not anymore!" Read Full Testimonial

    Dorothy C. of Niles, MI

    Customer Testimonial

              Having Dr Energy Saver come out and diagnose our problems using the red blower door was very exciting. They identified a couple of areas where cold air was coming into our house and made the recommendations to fix them. We've always called it "The Cold Room", now we have to come up with a new name because it's not cold anymore! Thank you Dr Energy Saver, your a great company!
    Dorothy C.
    Niles, MI

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