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Dr. Energy Saver by Monroe Restoration is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in South Bend. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver by Monroe Restoration's recent work requests in South Bend and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver by Monroe Restoration's recent work requests in South Bend, IN
Vicinity of Raleigh Drive in South Bend
Would like to evaluate & engineer energy code-compliant envelope on my house.
Vicinity of N Lafayette Blvd in South Bend
Concerned that there are air leaks and improperly installed insulation in my attic. I believe the soffit vents along the eaves are covered up with insulation. During the winter, many icicles and ice dams form along the roof edges and exterior walls of house. Also, the first floor is considerably drafty, hard to keep warm in winter, while the second floor is hard to keep cool in the summer.
Vicinity of Riverside Dr. in South Bend
Older home that has ice issues from gutters in winter.
Vicinity of Orchard St in South Bend
I need an estimate on spray foam insulation for a metal garage it is 24x30 with 8ft walls and 12ft peak just wanting to get roof insulated
Vicinity of Altgeld St in South Bend
I remodeling the entire house my house is 1 1/2 story 2080 sq ft in this moment the interior is complete naked ready to insulate I need a quote for insulated the second floor with foam and regular insulation in the first floor.
Vicinity of Osborne Rd in South Bend
12×18 room.
Vicinity of E Jackson in South Bend
Looking for energy loss in our church
Vicinity of W Colfax Ave in South Bend
We recently purchased a home that has a poorly insulated attic that came with R11(!) fiberglass bats, which are both inadequate and also falling out. We would like to get rid of them and replace with foam with a view to eventually finishing the attic to create a usable third floor to the house. There are a few other odd spots that could use more insulation, as the house was built in the late 1800's.
Vicinity of Jewell Ave in South Bend
I would like a quote for attic insulation.
Vicinity of Blackford Dr W in South Bend
Would like an estimate for attic insulation install.
Vicinity of Sandybrook Dr in South Bend
I would like and estimate to see where the cold air is coming on upstairs.
Vicinity of E. Washington St. in South Bend
We just recently renovated our 60 year old home including taking advantage of finishing some previously unfinished attic space. We have had some serious ice dam issues this winter and are nervous that our new work will be ruined.
Vicinity of WALLACE LN in South Bend
Ice dams on roof. Interested in thermal analysis of attic and possible spray foam insulation of roof rafters
Vicinity of Topsfield Rd in South Bend
Condominiums. Needs an estimate. There are 9 buildings.
Vicinity of S Hawthorne Dr in South Bend
Ice Damns
Vicinity of Ironwood Rd in South Bend
Having icicles and heat escaping
Vicinity of Ironwood Rd in South Bend
Having icicles and heat escaping
Vicinity of in South Bend
Need to have spray insulation done on the bottom of a 48 foot box trailer
Vicinity of S Prospect St in South Bend
Keeping the heat in and keeping gas bill down
Vicinity of Orchid Rd in South Bend
Old front room addition,crawl space,cold walls and floor,no insulation.
Vicinity of Somersworth Dr in South Bend
Two story condo Need estimate for blown in insulation Issues with inconsistent temperatures
Vicinity of Highland Dr in South Bend
Just bought 60 year old home with minimal cellulose blown in. Can you please give me an estimate for getting the R-value to 50? Can you give me paperwork to get the IN tax credit for this?
Vicinity of E South Street in South Bend
Would like a quote for installation of spray in insulation
Vicinity of Cobblestone Ct. in South Bend
Replace a patio sliding door.
Vicinity of Beverly Place in South Bend
Some of the air ducts have holes where connected to the ceiling.
Vicinity of Elderberry Lane in South Bend
Blow over insulation in attic. 2300 sq feet.
Vicinity of Ida St. in South Bend
My home does not heat well in the back of the house and I wanna know any way possible to save heat and electricity
Vicinity of Altgeld St in South Bend
My house feels cool even with the heat on and set at 70. Plus my inside walls are cold to the touch.
Vicinity of Erie Falls Dr in South Bend
I have around 300 square feet in the attic that I wanted more insulation added to.
Vicinity of Ponader Dr in South Bend
Need new batting and full house insulation
Vicinity of Bonvale Dr in South Bend
Condensation on ceiling during cold weather. Looking to add more insulation in attic. Currently only have 3-4 inches.
Vicinity of Ritschard Ave in South Bend
Insulate attic
Vicinity of York Rd in South Bend
Would like an estimate on spray insulation in my attic.
Vicinity of N. Hickory in South Bend
This is for a church where I provide maintenance service. We have an approx 1000 sq. ft. wing (built around 1970) under a gabled roof that has no visible attic insulation. Due to the ducting and other conduits above the drop ceiling, we think the best way to insulate it might be spray on the underside of the roof deck. We're eager to see an estimate and move this project forward.
Vicinity of Voll Lane in South Bend
I would like an estimate for blown in cellulose insulation for my exterior walls.
Vicinity of E Fox St in South Bend
My attic is under insulated and my furnance and duct work is in attic also needs to be insulated
Vicinity of California Ave in South Bend
Attic insulation
Vicinity of in South Bend
Heating/cooling lose. Not sure if its due to an insulation issue or large windows in house. Our home is just over 1000 sq ft and on hot summer days the air conditioning runs nonstop all day and thermostat climbs to the high 70's. Just the reverse in the winter. Maybe a problem with the heating/cooling system. maybe a thermal imaging camera would give me some answers. Thursday or Fridays would work best for me for an estimate. Not sure if later in the day when the temps are up would be best to get a good evaluation.
Vicinity of E. Monroe Street in South Bend
I am looking for an insulation quote on a 1940's home where it would be a drill and fill situation ( my guess). I think it wold have to be an interior drill because of the difficulty of "unzipping" the aluminum siding on the house. Half of the house has had renovations and has bat insulation. The front half of the home does not have insulated walls and has a number of cold air returns in these walls as well. I also have a non-functional crawl space that I am also interested in discussing insulation options as well.
Vicinity of Harvest Drive in South Bend
Drafts around the windows, and doors. High energy costs.
Vicinity of N Adams St. in South Bend
Looking at insulating my 1.5 car garage so it can be used through the winter as a workshop if needed.
Vicinity of E Fairview Ave in South Bend
Loss of heat or over heating in my attic.. Walls do not keep cool air in and hot air out.
Vicinity of Wakewa Ave in South Bend
We live in a home built in 1905. It stays extremely cold in the winter and we'd paying a fortune for heating/cooling. We'd like to know how to improve that.
Vicinity of Connaughton Ct in South Bend
New furnace and windows on main level in the last couple of years. Upstairs is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Considering new windows upstairs or enhancing insulation. Would like to learn about our options.
Vicinity of Clemens St in South Bend
New construction home. Interested in setting up an appt to go over a couple of options on insullation. Please email for appt set up. I will be in meetings most of the day.
Vicinity of Cedar St in South Bend
Our home was built in the 1940s and needs some upgrades. Specifically, I am concerned about the insulation or lack thereof in the front rooms of the house, and about the efficiency of windows

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